I have recently changed from OpenPLI 4.0 , which was unstable on my VU DUO because of faulty drivers, to OpenATV 3.0.
I am happy to say that OpenATV is solid as a rock and works really well.

I have one question concerning the mediaplayer plugin: it works really well but there is one thing I can't get right, when I try to select the Start directory I can select it but the green "use" button does not work. Mediaplayer does not remember the specified location. Am I doing something wrong or am I missing something ?

Alternative: the start directory is probably defined in a config file somewhere so If somebody could tell me where I can find it I could edit it manually.

Any help/suggestion much appreciated.

PS: In case you prefer to answer in German that is perfectly OK, I can read it well enough but I am just terrible at writing a message in it.