Version beta Primescube ruby ​​SFTEAM imcorporado EPG

Good after a work study as Ruby Primescube behave
I was able to develop the epg and correction of lost time ....
say it is a beta now that there are errors in the panel epg but we want to share with you this .....
in the next image or update from the download addons will already solved this already leaving characters on the menus Deven not be
say and keep in mind that the burden of the satellite epg
option epg load this section SFTEAM EPG
consider these steps for installation:

say this only programmed to astra Spain and can work in another country and supplier but not tested
epg for the operation must be enabled in the next option:
menu / installation / progress / experience / interface web
this once and you can go to the section SFTEAM EPG and Download
on our provider astra Spain.
that by default be updated at 6 am
but can you say the load and force anytime
epg load is by satellite.
loss corrected receiver time