I think OpenATV is one of the best image . I have only one big problem with it : OpenMultiboot in not working and i cannot use it in flash on my dm800se.
Once installed the Openmultiboot plugin, when you go for execution it askes for a kernel-module-block2mtd. Very difficult to find. On the OpenPLI image is built in in the kernel-image. Googleing around, I was able to find "kernel-module-block2mtd_3.2-r8.13-bsp1_dm800se.ipk". After installing it you can run the openmultiboot plugin, you can run it , but it runs wor a while and finish the job with no error indication, but at the end produces only an empy folder but when you try to install a second image in the usb pen, after a wwith no file.
Any help on that ?