I get continuously crashes with parental control active.
I am using parental control not for adult content, but to restrict TV for kids; therefore ALL services are protected.
It worked with version 4.x, now I get this after reboot (I'm not sure, but I think it worked just in standby).
It's quite difficult to recover, I have to manually edit settings file, copy at the right moment (it is always overwritten!?) after the crash and quickly reboot (from telnet).
I have also tried with default skin, doesn't make any difference.

The last lines of the log:
19:22:37.358 [   ] dvb/epgcache.cpp:1384 save [EPGC] store epg to realpath '/media/hdd/epg.dat'
19:22:37.488 [   ] dvb/epgcache.cpp:1430 save [EPGC] 64658 events written to /media/hdd/epg.dat
19:22:37.687 {   } Plugins/Extensions/Infopanel/CamStart.py:93 timerEvent [CAMSTARTER] Start/Check: 1
19:22:37.699 {   } skin.py:1029 readSkin [SKIN] processing screen PinInputPopup:
19:22:37.706 {   } skin.py:1029 readSkin [SKIN] processing screen SimpleSummary:
19:22:37.710 {   } Screens/Screen.py:150 show [SCREENNAME]  ['PinInputPopup_summary', 'SimpleSummary']
19:22:37.714 {   } Screens/Screen.py:150 show [SCREENNAME]  PinInputPopup
19:22:37.715 { E } e2reactor.py:40 poll Traceback (most recent call last):
19:22:37.716 { E } e2reactor.py:40 poll   File "/usr/lib/enigma2/python/mytest.py", **** 227, in processDelay
19:22:37.716 { E } e2reactor.py:40 poll     callback(*retval)
19:22:37.717 { E } e2reactor.py:40 poll   File "/usr/lib/enigma2/python/Tools/BoundFunction.py", **** 9, in __call__
19:22:37.717 { E } e2reactor.py:40 poll TypeError: servicePinEntered() takes exactly 3 arguments (2 given)
19:22:37.718 [ E ] python/python.cpp:209 call (PyObject_CallObject(<bound method Session.processDelay of <__main__.Session instance at 0x65708e68>>,()) failed)
If necessary I can post the whole log.
Thanks for any idea,