I'm having a problem when I zap to a channel from the EPG.

DM800SE: OpenATV 4.2 cable EPG zapping problem-epg1.jpg

When I view the EPG (as above) and scroll down and zap to a channel like "Channel 5" (in this example) but instead of zapping to the channel selected/highlighted it actually zaps to the channel immediately before that so in this example is "Channel 4".

I think I have narrowed this down to when I use the AutoBouquetsMaker (ABM)! When using Virgin (UK) cable ABM option and for "generate main bouquet" I select "Yes" to generate a main bouquet and select "Yes" to generate a section bouquet. Now when viewing the main bouquet from the EPG I have the problem I mentioned of it actually zapping to the channel immediately before the one I actually wanted.

However, if I select "No" so it doesn't generate a main bouquet (ie just section bouquet is created) and I then view EPG of a section (ie Entertainment), I don't have this problem so the channel I select is actually zapped to.

I have a DM800SE box and using OpenATV v4.2 (build date 25/08/14). I have tried several new installs of the image and problem still exists whenever I have main bouquet selected.

Thank you in advance for your time.