Signal Finder menu in open atv is very strange.

Miraclebox Premium Twin+ Signal Finder-signal_finder_terrestrial.jpg Miraclebox Premium Twin+ Signal Finder-signal_finder_satellite.jpg

When I select a terrestrial TV-channel in "Signal Finder" the digital value show > 300 dB which is unreasonably big value, what does it measure?
The bar below marked "SNR" show 100 % on all terrestrial TV-channels. But I don´t think this bar indicates SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio) it´s probably signalstrength.
The second bar marked "BER" show a digital value of "0" which is good since there should be as few bit errors as possible in the signal but there is no indication in the bar. Usually a BER bar gets greater when the signalquality increases while the BIT errors get closer and closer to zero.

When I select a satellite TV-channel in "Signal Finder" the digital value show the same value in % as the bar marked "SNR".

If it´s possible to measure true SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio) it would be great but when measuring signalstrength don´t call it SNR.
The BER (Bit Error Ratio) measuring in "Signal Finder" is very poor and more or less useless for finetuning antenna, LNB etc.