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    Box 1:
    Optibox EVO M7

    Blue screen if scan services and no hawe signal.

    Hi !

    i'm want to scan new satelites with my Optibox Evo M7, with OpenATV 5.1 image.
    If scan frecvency (manually) whithout signal, enigma2 will crash with blue screen.

    This is crashlog:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
            <crashdate>Mon Sep 14 13:12:15 2015</crashdate>
            <compiledate>Sep 14 2015</compiledate>
            <contactemail>forum at</contactemail>
            <!-- Please email this crashlog to above address -->
            <skin>Default Skin</skin>
    Linux evo 3.18.18 #1 Fri Aug 7 02:17:07 CEST 2015 mips GNU/Linux
            <kernelcmdline>ubi.mtd=rootfs rootfstype=ubifs root=ubi0:rootfs bmem=256M@512M bmem=2M</kernelcmdline>
            <nimsockets>NIM Socket 0:</nimsockets>
    Welcome to openATV for %h
    openatv 5.1 %h
     device "dreambox remote control (native)" is a remotecontrol
    13:11:57.379 driver/rcinput.cpp:550 addAll Found 1 input devices.
    13:11:57.379 base/init.cpp:47 setRunlevel + (22) Hdmi CEC driver
    13:11:57.381 base/init.cpp:47 setRunlevel + (30) eActionMap
    13:11:57.382 base/init.cpp:47 setRunlevel + (35) CI Slots
    13:11:57.383 dvb_ci/dvbci.cpp:265 eDVBCIInterfaces scanning for common interfaces..
    13:11:57.385 dvb_ci/dvbci.cpp:1032 setInputSource eDVBCIInterfaces->setInputSource(0, 0)
    13:11:57.387 dvb_ci/dvbci.cpp:1032 setInputSource eDVBCIInterfaces->setInputSource(1, 1)
    13:11:57.388 dvb_ci/dvbci.cpp:302 eDVBCIInterfaces done, found 0 common interface slots
    13:11:57.389 base/init.cpp:47 setRunlevel + (35) CA handler
    13:11:57.393 base/init.cpp:47 setRunlevel + (40) eServiceCenter
    13:11:57.394 service/service.cpp:116 eServiceCenter settings instance.
    13:11:57.394 base/init.cpp:47 setRunlevel + (41) eServiceFactoryDVD
    13:11:57.395 base/init.cpp:47 setRunlevel + (41) eServiceFactoryHDMI
    13:11:57.395 base/init.cpp:47 setRunlevel + (41) eServiceFactoryM2TS
    13:11:57.396 base/init.cpp:47 setRunlevel + (41) eServiceFactoryMP3
    13:11:57.396 base/init.cpp:47 setRunlevel + (41) eServiceFactoryFS
    13:11:57.398 base/init.cpp:47 setRunlevel + (41) eServiceFactoryDVB
    13:11:57.399 base/init.cpp:47 setRunlevel + (41) Encoders
    13:11:57.400 base/init.cpp:47 setRunlevel + (41) Stream server
    13:11:57.401 base/init.cpp:63 setRunlevel reached rl 70
    13:11:57.402 dvb/db.cpp:520 loadServicelist ---- opening lame channel db
    13:11:57.403 dvb/db.cpp:534 loadServicelist reading services (version 4)
    13:11:59.373 gdi/grc.cpp:194 thread main thread is non-idle! display spinner!
    13:11:59.374 gdi/grc.cpp:227 enableSpinner no spinner DC!
    13:11:59.770 dvb/db.cpp:601 loadServicelist loaded 893 channels/transponders and 12410 services
    13:11:59.771 dvb/dvb.cpp:196 scanDevices scanning for frontends..
    13:11:59.773 dvb/frontend.cpp:508 openFrontend opening frontend 0
    13:11:59.775 dvb/frontend.cpp:648 closeFrontend close frontend 0
    13:11:59.778 dvb/dvb.cpp:170 eDVBResourceManager found 1 adapter, 1 frontends(1 sim) and 7 demux, boxtype 3
    13:11:59.779 dvb/dvbtime.cpp:234 eDVBLocalTimeHandler Use valid Linux Time :) (RTC?)
    13:11:59.781 dvb/epgcache.cpp:380 eEPGCache [EPGC] Initialized EPGCache (wait for setCacheFile call now)
    13:11:59.788 enigma.cpp:291 main Loading spinners...
    13:11:59.824 gdi/epng.cpp:24 loadPNG [ePNG] couldn't open /usr/share/enigma2/spinner/wait10.png
    13:11:59.825 enigma.cpp:310 main found 9 spinner!
    13:11:59.826 base/ioprio.cpp:83 setIoPrio setIoPrio best-effort level 3 ok
    13:12:01.375 gdi/grc.cpp:194 thread main thread is non-idle! display spinner!
    13:12:01.544 driver/misc_options.cpp:48 detected_12V_output couldn't open /proc/stb/misc/12V_output
    13:12:01.616 Components/ enumerateBlockDevices [Harddisk] enumerating block devices...
    13:12:01.673 Components/ __init__ new Harddisk sda -> /dev/sda -> /dev/sda
    13:12:01.987 Components/ enumerateNetworkMounts [Harddisk] enumerating network mounts...
    13:12:02.173 <module> SKIN ERROR: {skin_display.xml}: display skin not found. Please contact the skin's author!
    13:12:02.178 <module> defaulting to standard display skin... skin_display.xml
    13:12:02.188 addSkin [SKIN ERROR] error in /usr/share/enigma2/
    13:12:03.437 Components/ readTransponders Reading satellites.xml
    13:12:06.377 Components/ update sec config cleared
    13:12:06.381 dvb/frontend.cpp:2512 setSlotInfo setSlotInfo for dvb frontend 0 to slotid 0, descr BCM7346 (internal), need rotorworkaround No, enabled Yes, DVB-S2 Yes
    13:12:06.390 Components/ update slot: 0 configmode: advanced
    13:12:06.453 Components/ updateAdvanced add 3592 to 1
    13:12:06.472 Components/ update sec config completed
    13:12:06.475 Components/ InitNimManager [NimManager] slotname = A, slotdescription = BCM7346 (internal), multitype = False
    13:12:09.281 dvb/db.cpp:829 loadBouquet loading bouquet... /etc/enigma2//
    13:12:09.285 dvb/db.cpp:829 loadBouquet loading bouquet... /etc/enigma2//
    13:12:09.307 dvb/db.cpp:939 loadBouquet 87 entries in Bouquet
    13:12:09.311 dvb/db.cpp:829 loadBouquet loading bouquet... /etc/enigma2//
    13:12:09.321 dvb/db.cpp:939 loadBouquet 75 entries in Bouquet
    13:12:09.324 dvb/db.cpp:829 loadBouquet loading bouquet... /etc/enigma2//
    13:12:09.340 dvb/db.cpp:939 loadBouquet 42 entries in Bouquet
    13:12:09.342 dvb/db.cpp:829 loadBouquet loading bouquet... /etc/enigma2//
    13:12:09.351 dvb/db.cpp:939 loadBouquet 173 entries in Bouquet
    13:12:09.353 dvb/db.cpp:829 loadBouquet loading bouquet... /etc/enigma2//
    13:12:09.354 dvb/db.cpp:939 loadBouquet 10 entries in Bouquet
    13:12:09.356 dvb/db.cpp:829 loadBouquet loading bouquet... /etc/enigma2//
    13:12:09.358 dvb/db.cpp:939 loadBouquet 13 entries in Bouquet
    13:12:09.360 dvb/db.cpp:829 loadBouquet loading bouquet... /etc/enigma2//
    13:12:09.362 dvb/db.cpp:939 loadBouquet 12 entries in Bouquet
    13:12:09.364 dvb/db.cpp:829 loadBouquet loading bouquet... /etc/enigma2//
    13:12:09.392 dvb/db.cpp:939 loadBouquet 308 entries in Bouquet
    13:12:09.394 dvb/db.cpp:829 loadBouquet loading bouquet... /etc/enigma2//
    13:12:09.400 dvb/db.cpp:939 loadBouquet 61 entries in Bouquet
    13:12:09.402 dvb/db.cpp:829 loadBouquet loading bouquet... /etc/enigma2//
    13:12:09.409 dvb/db.cpp:939 loadBouquet 105 entries in Bouquet
    13:12:09.411 dvb/db.cpp:829 loadBouquet loading bouquet... /etc/enigma2//
    13:12:09.419 dvb/db.cpp:939 loadBouquet 91 entries in Bouquet
    13:12:09.421 dvb/db.cpp:829 loadBouquet loading bouquet... /etc/enigma2//
    13:12:09.427 dvb/db.cpp:939 loadBouquet 96 entries in Bouquet
    13:12:09.430 dvb/db.cpp:829 loadBouquet loading bouquet... /etc/enigma2//
    13:12:09.441 dvb/db.cpp:939 loadBouquet 49 entries in Bouquet
    13:12:09.443 dvb/db.cpp:829 loadBouquet loading bouquet... /etc/enigma2//
    13:12:09.447 dvb/db.cpp:939 loadBouquet 83 entries in Bouquet
    13:12:09.449 dvb/db.cpp:829 loadBouquet loading bouquet... /etc/enigma2//
    13:12:09.455 dvb/db.cpp:939 loadBouquet 114 entries in Bouquet
    13:12:09.457 dvb/db.cpp:829 loadBouquet loading bouquet... /etc/enigma2//
    13:12:09.459 dvb/db.cpp:939 loadBouquet 25 entries in Bouquet
    13:12:09.461 dvb/db.cpp:829 loadBouquet loading bouquet... /etc/enigma2//
    13:12:09.462 dvb/db.cpp:939 loadBouquet 7 entries in Bouquet
    13:12:09.465 dvb/db.cpp:829 loadBouquet loading bouquet... /etc/enigma2//
    13:12:09.469 dvb/db.cpp:939 loadBouquet 25 entries in Bouquet
    13:12:09.470 dvb/db.cpp:829 loadBouquet loading bouquet... /etc/enigma2//
    13:12:09.474 dvb/db.cpp:939 loadBouquet 21 entries in Bouquet
    13:12:09.476 dvb/db.cpp:829 loadBouquet loading bouquet... /etc/enigma2//
    13:12:09.479 dvb/db.cpp:939 loadBouquet 23 entries in Bouquet
    13:12:09.480 dvb/db.cpp:829 loadBouquet loading bouquet... /etc/enigma2//
    13:12:09.484 dvb/db.cpp:939 loadBouquet 14 entries in Bouquet
    13:12:09.486 dvb/db.cpp:829 loadBouquet loading bouquet... /etc/enigma2//
    13:12:09.487 dvb/db.cpp:939 loadBouquet 7 entries in Bouquet
    13:12:09.494 dvb/db.cpp:829 loadBouquet loading bouquet... /etc/enigma2//
    13:12:09.500 dvb/db.cpp:939 loadBouquet 33 entries in Bouquet
    13:12:09.502 dvb/db.cpp:829 loadBouquet loading bouquet... /etc/enigma2//
    13:12:09.503 dvb/db.cpp:939 loadBouquet 0 entries in Bouquet
    13:12:09.504 dvb/db.cpp:939 loadBouquet 24 entries in Bouquet
    13:12:09.508 dvb/db.cpp:829 loadBouquet loading bouquet... /etc/enigma2//
    13:12:09.510 dvb/db.cpp:829 loadBouquet loading bouquet... /etc/enigma2//
    13:12:09.511 dvb/db.cpp:939 loadBouquet 0 entries in Bouquet
    13:12:09.512 dvb/db.cpp:939 loadBouquet 1 entries in Bouquet
    13:12:09.513 dvb/db.cpp:983 renumberBouquet Renumbering...
    13:12:09.625 useSyncUsingChanged [Time By]: NTP
    13:12:09.626 dvb/dvbtime.cpp:307 setUseDVBTime [eDVBLocalTimeHandler] disable sync local time with transponder time!
    13:12:09.627 dvb/epgcache.cpp:441 timeUpdated [EPGC] time updated.. but cache file not set yet.. dont start epg!!
    13:12:13.223 gdi/font.cpp:159 AddFont [FONT] adding font /usr/share/fonts/Roboto-Bold.ttf...OK (Regular)
    13:12:13.228 gdi/font.cpp:159 AddFont [FONT] adding font /usr/share/fonts/Roboto-BoldItalic.ttf...OK (Italic)
    13:12:13.232 gdi/font.cpp:159 AddFont [FONT] adding font /usr/share/fonts/Roboto-Black.ttf...OK (Bold)
    13:12:13.235 gdi/font.cpp:159 AddFont [FONT] adding font /usr/share/fonts/Roboto-BlackItalic.ttf...OK (Boldit)
    13:12:13.238 gdi/font.cpp:159 AddFont [FONT] adding font /usr/share/fonts/nmsbd.ttf...OK (Subtitlefont)
    13:12:13.242 gdi/font.cpp:159 AddFont [FONT] adding font /usr/share/fonts/lcd.ttf...OK (LCD)
    13:12:13.244 gdi/font.cpp:159 AddFont [FONT] adding font /usr/share/fonts/ae_AlMateen.ttf...OK (Replacement)
    13:12:13.249 gdi/font.cpp:159 AddFont [FONT] adding font /usr/share/fonts/tuxtxt.ttf...OK (Console)
    13:12:13.284 loadSingleSkinData [SKIN] loading include: /usr/share/enigma2/MetrixHD/skin_00_templates.xml
    13:12:13.530 loadSingleSkinData [SKIN] loading include: /usr/share/enigma2/MetrixHD/skin_00a_InfoBar.MySkin.xml
    13:12:13.540 loadSingleSkinData [SKIN] loading include: /usr/share/enigma2/MetrixHD/skin_00b_SecondInfoBar.MySkin.xml
    13:12:13.549 loadSingleSkinData [SKIN] loading include: /usr/share/enigma2/MetrixHD/skin_00c_SecondInfoBarECM.xml
    13:12:13.556 loadSingleSkinData [SKIN] loading include: /usr/share/enigma2/MetrixHD/skin_00d_InfoBarLite.xml
    13:12:13.562 loadSingleSkinData [SKIN] loading include: /usr/share/enigma2/MetrixHD/skin_00e_ChannelSelection.MySkin.xml
    13:12:13.571 loadSingleSkinData [SKIN] loading include: /usr/share/enigma2/MetrixHD/skin_00f_MoviePlayer.MySkin.xml
    13:12:13.594 loadSingleSkinData [SKIN] loading include: /usr/share/enigma2/MetrixHD/skin_00g_EMC.MySkin.xml
    13:12:13.667 loadSingleSkinData [SKIN] loading include: /usr/share/enigma2/MetrixHD/skin_01_openatv.xml
    13:12:14.285 loadSingleSkinData [SKIN] loading include: /usr/share/enigma2/MetrixHD/skin_02_display.xml
    13:12:14.293 loadSingleSkinData [SKIN] loading include: /usr/share/enigma2/MetrixHD/skin_03_plugins.xml
    13:12:14.616 loadSingleSkinData [SKIN] loading include: /usr/share/enigma2/MetrixHD/skin_04_check.xml
    13:12:14.623 loadSingleSkinData [SKIN] loading include: /usr/share/enigma2/MetrixHD/skin_05_screens_unchecked.xml
    13:12:14.885 gdi/font.cpp:159 AddFont [FONT] adding font /usr/share/fonts/lcd.ttf...OK (LCD)
    13:12:14.888 gdi/font.cpp:159 AddFont [FONT] adding font /usr/share/fonts/ae_AlMateen.ttf...OK (Replacement)
    13:12:14.892 gdi/font.cpp:159 AddFont [FONT] adding font /usr/share/fonts/tuxtxt.ttf...OK (Console)
    13:12:14.895 gdi/font.cpp:159 AddFont [FONT] adding font /usr/share/fonts/andale.ttf...OK (Fixed)
    13:12:14.900 gdi/font.cpp:159 AddFont [FONT] adding font /usr/share/fonts/nmsbd.ttf...OK (Arial)
    13:12:14.903 gdi/font.cpp:159 AddFont [FONT] adding font /usr/share/enigma2/MetrixHD/fonts/OpenSans-Regular.ttf...OK (Regular)
    13:12:14.908 gdi/font.cpp:159 AddFont [FONT] adding font /usr/share/enigma2/MetrixHD/fonts/OpenSans-Regular.ttf...OK (RegularLight)
    13:12:14.911 gdi/font.cpp:159 AddFont [FONT] adding font /usr/share/enigma2/MetrixHD/fonts/setrixHD.ttf...OK (SetrixHD)
    13:12:14.916 gdi/font.cpp:159 AddFont [FONT] adding font /usr/share/enigma2/MetrixHD/fonts/meteocons.ttf...OK (Meteo)
    13:12:14.919 gdi/font.cpp:159 AddFont [FONT] adding font /usr/share/enigma2/MetrixHD/fonts/setrixHD.ttf...OK (global_title)
    13:12:14.923 gdi/font.cpp:159 AddFont [FONT] adding font /usr/share/enigma2/MetrixHD/fonts/setrixHD.ttf...OK (global_button)
    13:12:14.927 gdi/font.cpp:159 AddFont [FONT] adding font /usr/share/enigma2/MetrixHD/fonts/setrixHD.ttf...OK (global_clock)
    13:12:14.932 gdi/font.cpp:159 AddFont [FONT] adding font /usr/share/enigma2/MetrixHD/fonts/setrixHD.ttf...OK (global_large)
    13:12:14.941 gdi/font.cpp:159 AddFont [FONT] adding font /usr/share/enigma2/MetrixHD/fonts/setrixHD.ttf...OK (global_large_screen)
    13:12:14.945 gdi/font.cpp:159 AddFont [FONT] adding font /usr/share/enigma2/MetrixHD/fonts/setrixHD.ttf...OK (global_large_menu)
    13:12:14.954 gdi/font.cpp:159 AddFont [FONT] adding font /usr/share/enigma2/MetrixHD/fonts/OpenSans-Regular.ttf...OK (global_small)
    13:12:14.960 gdi/font.cpp:159 AddFont [FONT] adding font /usr/share/enigma2/MetrixHD/fonts/setrixHD.ttf...OK (global_menu)
    13:12:14.965 gdi/font.cpp:159 AddFont [FONT] adding font /usr/share/enigma2/MetrixHD/fonts/OpenSans-Regular.ttf...OK (screen_label)
    13:12:14.969 gdi/font.cpp:159 AddFont [FONT] adding font /usr/share/enigma2/MetrixHD/fonts/OpenSans-Regular.ttf...OK (screen_text)
    13:12:14.973 gdi/font.cpp:159 AddFont [FONT] adding font /usr/share/enigma2/MetrixHD/fonts/setrixHD.ttf...OK (screen_info)
    13:12:14.976 gdi/font.cpp:159 AddFont [FONT] adding font /usr/share/enigma2/MetrixHD/fonts/setrixHD.ttf...OK (epg_event)
    13:12:14.979 gdi/font.cpp:159 AddFont [FONT] adding font /usr/share/enigma2/MetrixHD/fonts/OpenSans-Regular.ttf...OK (epg_text)
    13:12:14.984 gdi/font.cpp:159 AddFont [FONT] adding font /usr/share/enigma2/MetrixHD/fonts/OpenSans-Regular.ttf...OK (epg_info)
    13:12:14.987 gdi/font.cpp:159 AddFont [FONT] adding font /usr/share/enigma2/MetrixHD/fonts/setrixHD.ttf...OK (infobar_event)
    13:12:14.992 gdi/font.cpp:159 AddFont [FONT] adding font /usr/share/enigma2/MetrixHD/fonts/OpenSans-Regular.ttf...OK (infobar_text)
    13:12:15.073 gdi/font.cpp:159 AddFont [FONT] adding font /usr/share/fonts/LiberationSans-Regular.ttf...OK (Subs)
    13:12:15.076 gdi/font.cpp:159 AddFont [FONT] adding font /usr/share/fonts/LiberationSans-Italic.ttf...OK (Subsi)
    13:12:15.079 gdi/font.cpp:159 AddFont [FONT] adding font /usr/share/fonts/LiberationSans-Bold.ttf...OK (Subsb)
    13:12:15.083 gdi/font.cpp:159 AddFont [FONT] adding font /usr/share/fonts/LiberationSans-BoldItalic.ttf...OK (Subsz)
    13:12:15.109 gdi/font.cpp:159 AddFont [FONT] adding font /usr/share/enigma2/skin_default/prive3.ttf... failed: Operation not permitted
    13:12:15.111 bsod.cpp:304 oops PC: 77da51e0
    13:12:15.111 bsod.cpp:310 oops 00000000 00000001 00000000 00000003
    13:12:15.111 bsod.cpp:310 oops 77786d00 7fe5e78c 7fe5e788 00000001
    13:12:15.112 bsod.cpp:310 oops 00000000 807b0000 00000000 000000e7
    13:12:15.112 bsod.cpp:310 oops 6e206e6f 00000000 00000000 7020746f
    13:12:15.113 bsod.cpp:310 oops 01190e90 008611fb 01190e94 00000000
    13:12:15.115 bsod.cpp:310 oops 7fe5e804 0077b2d0 006f0de0 0114d990
    13:12:15.115 bsod.cpp:310 oops 00000008 77da5190 77fc42a4 00000000
    13:12:15.116 bsod.cpp:310 oops 77e29ee0 7fe5e768 76c6f710 004fe1e0
    13:12:15.119 bsod.cpp:327 print_backtrace Backtrace:
    13:12:15.121 bsod.cpp:335 print_backtrace /usr/bin/enigma2(_Z17handleFatalSignaliP9siginfo_tPv) [0x45F018]
    13:12:15.122 bsod.cpp:335 print_backtrace /usr/lib/ [0x77DA51E2]
    13:12:15.123 bsod.cpp:347 handleFatalSignal -------FATAL SIGNAL
    I-m trying with different skin, but same error.

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    Total Downloaded
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    13:12:15.109 gdi/font.cpp:159 AddFont [FONT] adding font /usr/share/enigma2/skin_default/prive3.ttf... failed: Operation not permitted

    looks problem with remove any plugins

    better flash new the system and check again

    openATV we are open Source

    Boykott GPL violator

  3. Thanks aspeorocopolus bedankten sich




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