Hi all,
Forgive me but I don't know German. ☺

I want see TV in Kodi. I have ZGemmaH7C with Enigma2 and OpenATV 6.5.
I see strange behavior. I try to explain...

I installed plugin "Enigma 2" in kodi ang configured fine.: I see EPG in Kodi so communication between Enigma2/OpenATV <=> Kodi is ok, but...
when I enter in kodi OpenWebIF not show any selected channel.
How to change (and see) channel in Kodi-kodi-channel-selected.png
as you can see in this screen no channel are shown in the top bar. This is ok: in Kodi I didn't selected any TV channel.

If in Kodi I go to TV and select a channel using box remote this is what OpenWebIF shown:
How to change (and see) channel in Kodi-kodi-selected-rai1-channel-black-screen.png
there is only the selected channel in top bar. In kodi I see video full black and no audio but in Openwebif the channel appears as selected.

The only way to show video and audio in Kodi is to click on OpenWebIF the button for switch to channel:
How to change (and see) channel in Kodi-kodi-selected-rai1-channel-pressed-openwebif-button-tv-shown.jpg
Only when I press (via web) selected button on OpenWebIF I see fine channel TV in Kodi.

So, this is a strange behaviour: I expected that when I change channel using box remote I see fine channel TV in Kodi. Besides being uncomfortable, I don't think select channel using web is the correct behavior.

Could you have suggestion in order to change successfully TV channels with box remote in Kodi?