Hello guys,
I'm here with a problem I can not solve without your help . It has a USB AVerMedia DVB -T Green ( A835 ) I am trying to install an image openATV 5.3 . No results , read on other sites that need these firmware - dvb -usb- af9035-01_1.0 - r0_all.ipk , firmware - dvb -usb- af9035-02_1.0 - r0_all.ipk , enigma2 -plugin -drivers- dvb -usb -af9035_1.0 - r4_all.ipk and kernel -module- dvb -usb- af9035_3..ipk . I do not know where FIND latter , because it needs to be adapted to kernel module . I have a spark- 7111 . Can anyone help me?