Hello, I'm having some strange problems with flashing.

When I tried to flash OpenATV, nothing happened when I pushed the (+) key in front panel.

Ok, ghen I tried to flash Bootloader. It seemed to work (display says "Flashing" and then asks to remove stick and reboot), but flashing OpenAtv stoll didn't work ((+) key does nothing).

This led me to suspect that even though the device claims to be flashing, something goes wrong.

Then I tried to flash OpenATV with "force" option. Again, it seems to work, it displays filenames (splash etc) in the front panel, but again nothing happens. It just asks to remove the stickk and reboots to the old image. No installation wizard, nothing.

What could cause this? Only thing that comes to mind is incompatible usb stick, but could it behave this way?

Btw, is there any way to see which bootloader my device has intalled?