Hi all,
I am new at this forum.
I tried to build github openatv enigma2 image for my box,
but when I ran this command:
make MACHINE=xcombo DISTRO=openatv image

the following error was shown:

ERROR: OE-core's config sanity checker detected a potential misconfiguration.
Either fix the cause of this error or at your own risk disable the checker (see sanity.conf).
Following is the list of potential problems / advisories:

Please set a valid MACHINE in your local.conf or environment

The name of tthe machine is probably wrong, but what's the right name for my Evo Enfinity Xcombo+ ?

I have another question.
I followed the howto at this url : https://github.com/openatv/enigma2
but I don't find any reference to the source folder containing enigma2 files to build.