I installed a few days ago the OpenATV 4 and I find it a great image. But I have some problems that I do not know how to solve. Meanwhile, I'll explain what I did during installation, possibly tell me if there is something wrong.

I have an AzBox HD Premium 1TB Hard Disk (1st partition 1,5GB, 2nd Partition all the rest). When I first installed OATV I realized that as soon as I tried to install some plugins in size a bit big the box is blocked . Reading the forum I realized that the problem was due to the fact that the DOM of the decoder has a very limited memory, so this is by installing various plugins filled .
I solved the problem by reinstalling a new image, followed by the installation of Flashexpander (using the 1st Hard Disk partition as an extension of memory) and I have also activated the SWAP file . It makes sense to activate SWAP if there is already installed Flashexpander?
Following the installation of Flashexpander I was able to install the plugins properly.

I installed BMediaCenter that seems to work better than the Media Center stock. The problem that presents itself to me is that I can not browse the LAN (it isn't a Media Center Problem, I know!). First, with firmware Opensat, I mounted the various paths in my network and I could play all the various movies on your PC (Windows 7 , I set the username and password of Windows to access shared resources). I tried to browse the network from the configuration menu of the box but I only see the IP of the PC , if I press OK to browse its contents does not do anything , let alone mount the path to display in the media center. I tried to create a Mount indicating the Username and Password of Windows but does not work (obviously shared folders on the PC are visible to all units in the LAN ) . Can you tell me how you can see the shared folders without problems ?

Another problem: I have a card inserted in the reader dell'Azbox . I did not understand if the card is read or not , I thought I read somewhere that this was read by TSPanel and C**AM, and it was enough to put the c** am.cfg empty (without connection to external servers or without entering a "special" lines ) in the folder / etc , and so I did. In fact, the channels of the bouquet Tivusat are displayed correctly , but sometimes image freezes (4-5 seconds, locked images and sound ) there are blocks that are repeated randomly, without a precise recurrence time (after 20 min , 1 hour,). I emphasize that I have no connection to servers, nor outside of it local , I need to see channels of bouquet card. I just want to know if these blocks may be due to the configuration of the TS Panel , or if it depends on FlashExpander and the SWAP file , or some other item not installed correctly ( automatic updating EPG or other active service , I installed a few things ). Is there a log to look at?

Last question: I can see from my PC folders on the box called harddisk and Root. I have a camera that can record to a network path using CIFS / Samba , and NFS and FTP . If I set FTP method it seems to be able to successfully save the videos in the folder ftp:, but if imposed CIFS / Samba (using box user and password) or NFS configuration page of the camera tells me that the status of the route is Offline . It 's normal ? Is there a way to set CIFS / Samba or NFS ?