I made an add-on to the tuner that allows you to stream internet radio stations to the soundbar. I used a USB sound card for this. In this way, the SAT receiver allows such radio streaming even when it is in standby mode. Changing the station and the volume is controlled from Domoticz.
The whole thing is completely independent from Enigma, it works alongside it.
However, I would like to automatically turn off radio streaming when the Sat receiver goes from standby to working mode and unlock the possibility of streaming when the receiver is switched to standby mode again.
Of course I can check the "powerstate" state via the HTTP API. But doing it every 2-3 seconds doesn't make much sense.
Hence the question to colleagues for advice. How can I "connect" with the appropriate script to the procedure of transition from standby to working state and vice versa. I will be grateful for any help.