The behaviour of the auto timer plug in perplexes me. I have several E2 boxes and the behaviour is the same. When I want to set autotimers for the same programme on an S2 tuner and a T2 tuner, the T2 timer is just ignored. It just doesn’t register. The reason I sometimes do this is because of variable satellite reception and I use the more reliable (but poorer quality) T2 tuner as a back-up recording.

The timer function won’t even accept a manually added timer event that coincides with an existing autotimer – but on a different tuner. The only way I can actually make a backup T2 recording is by setting a timer manually to cover the event – i.e. by using the add timer function in WebIf.

Most of what I describe is in using WebIf but it’s no different when I try manually adding an autotimer using the remote control and the on-screen EPG.

Anyone have an explanation for why the autotimer ignores the additional event on a separate tuner?