I have just bought a ZGemma i55 IPTV receiver and hoping to get it working with my 4 x Triax TSS-400 SAT to IP converters i have at home.

I have been using these SAT>IP servers for Astra 28.2, Astra 19.2 & Hotbird 13e DVB-S and running DVBViewer media server software on a Windows Embedded machine. The satellite TV signals are then viewed using 2 Amazon Fire TV boxes using Kodi and DVBViewer plugin.

Anyway... the setup isnt reliable (although awesome as i could / can record loads of TV from anywhere in my home).

I came across the ZGemma i55 IPTV streamer with OpenATV software (as online it mentions SAT>IP support) so i bought one and now trying to set it up.

So far i can find all my SAT.IP servers within the OpenTV software on the ZGemma box... but am struggling to get it working correctly. I need a few pointers. This is what im hoping to do:

1) Download my m3u channel lists from DVBViewer media server & load them onto the IPTV box
2) Setup OpenATV so that i can stream live TV from my DVBViewer server, setup recordings etc.

Can you help?

So far ive managed to scan some channels on my Astra 28.2 Triax Sat>IP server and can load an EPG, watch TV... however when i try to record i get 'tuner fail' error - despite the SAT.IP server having 4 available tuners. Ive tried to enable both the A & B tuners within the openATV software, but then a channel scan fails yet my SAT>IP server is actually locking onto transponders and showing 2 clients connected?