I cannot update my host, i have always this error:

Skipping IP update attempt subsequent to fatal dyndns server update error for alias, xxxxx.ddns.net.
This client should be stopped and corrected for configuration errors, and restarted...
************************************************** ********************
Tue Nov 28 08:04:14 2017: W:'RC_ERROR' (0x1) updating the IPs. (it 0)
Tue Nov 28 08:05:14 2017: W:INADYN: IP address for alias 'paimp.ddns.net:auto' needs update to ''...
Tue Nov 28 08:05:14 2017: E:INADYN:
************************************************** ********************

My inadyn.conf:

# Check for a new IP every 54000 seconds (24 hours)
update_period_sec 60

# Enter your DynDNS.com username and password here
username xxxxx@mail.com
password xxxxxx

# What kind of host is being updated? Choices are dyndns@dyndns.org, statdns@dyndns.org, custom@dyndns.org
dyndns_system default@no-ip.com

# The hosts you want to update (uncomment the lines below)
alias xxxxx.ddns.net
#alias another-dynamic-host.homeip.net

username, pass and alias are verified, no error!
what's wrong?

Xtrend ET9500 Openatv 6.0