picked this one up and my remote responds a lot better on a vu+sol2

Is your solo2 remote a bit laggy/unresponsive?
I found my remote was at times unresponsive compared to my old duo, thought i had a dodgy remote.
It became that bad I was going to send back to supplier stating remote faulty.

Thought prior to this I would try my remote from duo. this initially did not work as the duo is on a different channel.
I changed mode on STB to same as duo and duo remote worked fine.
Updated Solo2 remote to mode 1 and now remote works perfect no lagging etc

The default is mode 2 on a solo2
To change it on a STB it is under menu>system settings

MODE 2: UNO /Solo2
MODE 3 and 4 : reserved for future models

To update the remote itself