I have reflashed with the factory image of ATV 5.3 using nightly builds from Augu 26th, August 25th and August 8th (being the earliest available for download) and ALL of these are causing problems with the second tuner. The second tuner is able to get a lock when setting the tuner configuration, I set to Single, Simple, Automatic and it scans and locks onto 28.2 - But when I run a signal finder, the signal is 0 - I iniitially through this was my Dish/LNB or cabling and the later thought it might be my box, but I Have tried this now on several boxes and switches cables and always tuner B is the problem.

Further more, I can reflash with an earlier version I have around (from March this year) and that problem does not exist - Tuner B is fine and operational and has good signal. So I can only assume there is some kind of bug in the softeare now that hasn't been trapped or logged for some time.

Here are some screen shots of the problem using the latest build

Problem with Open ATV 5.3 image for H.2S - Second Tuner not operational-tunerb.jpg