I am testing the SAT/IP client on OpenATV with minisatip, a Linux sat/ip server https://github.com/catalinii/minisatip .
The thing is that the current plugin tries to detect the SAT/IP server and this doesn't work if the server is not in local network. It would be nice to have an option to add the ip manually. I found after looking the source that the correct vtuner.conf setup would be something like:
0=vtuner_type:satip_client,ipaddr:,tu ner_type:DVB-S
where is the ip of the SAT/IP server , but it would be better to be able to set it ip from within enigma2.

Another request would be to make the satipclient binary able to talk with http (and rtsp which is already used). Both http and rtsp are supported by the SAT/IP protocol, but rtsp is more difficult to make it traverse nat. And although most SAT/IP setups will only be on local network, nothing stops us to use it over wan to receive satellites otherwise not possible in our area (if the bandwidth is enough of course). I would like to talk with the maintainer of the satipclient program about this.