I did try your excelent image but i did found one major problem in it.

Problem description:
In motorised sytem you can't zap between channels if those channels are located in different satelites , because once the motor has been turned like 0.8w it won't turn to next like 4.8E automatic when you zap channel.
What i did discover was that when it happens and if you go to tuner settings .. and just open it (not changing anything) and then press OK from remote the motor starts it's movement to the selected satellite channel
This happens in both USALS and DIseq settings enivroiment. In Diseq setting where you have the option to do automatic channel search between multiple satellites that works fine.

Equipment: DM8000 2x DVB-S2, 2 x DVB-T, Motech 2500 motor
Images that has the same problem openatv-3.0-dm8000-20131231 and openatv-3.0-dm8000-20131225

Advice or fixed image needed