[U5] U5 settop model Netflix patch FW release [2018.09.11]

Posted by MyLiChi

Good morning. U5team.

Today we will give you a software upgrade notice for all U5t settop models in an emergency today.

The major update is an update to the problem that does not work with the Netflix app.

You may get an error message once you go into the Netflix app after updating.

When you turn the box back on, the initial screen will appear without any error message. If you re-enter your account information, you can use the same as before.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

I am looking forward to serving you with a better product by moving as soon as possible with a certified device.

U5PVR Deluxe
Full Version: http://U4Quad.iptime.org/firmware/atv7/deluxe/U5Quad_BADA/full/update.zip
Normal Version:http://U4Quad.iptime.org/firmware/atv7/deluxe/U5Quad_BADA/default/update.zip

U5PVR Slim
Full Version: http://U4Quad.iptime.org/firmware/atv7/slim/U5Quad_BADA/full/update.zip
Normal Version: http://U4Quad.iptime.org/firmware/atv7/slim/U5Quad_BADA/default/update.zip


Full Version: http://U4Quad.iptime.org/firmware/atv7/mini/full/update.zip
Normal Version: http://U4Quad.iptime.org/firmware/atv7/mini/default/update.zip

Thank you.

Thank you.Eddy lab
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