I think OpenATV have a built-in system to utilise the extra space on larger DOMs, guys... No need for AZUp 2.2.8.

But there are other solutions, like a script by Fabry, as I wrote a lot about it, in various forums...

Here is a copy of one such post of mine (using a different image, not OpenATV, which has a Device Manager):

"I have an Elite model with 1GB Transcend DOM, which is recognised and it's functioning fine! To my mind the most usable image so far... What do you find best?

So, here is what I did:

AZUp 2.2.7, EXT3, DOM, format extended partition etc. etc.

ID Team : OpenRSI
ID Enigma : OpenRSI_for_Azbox
Version : 3.0
About E2 : Enigma2
Kernel : ULK-3.3.1


21:27:35 > Connecting...
21:27:35 > Login...
21:27:35 > Login Success.
21:27:35 > Checking kernel ver...
21:27:35 > You have NEW kernel in your AZBox
21:27:36 > Getting Enigma Info...
21:27:36 > Detect E2 in AZBox - NOK
21:27:36 > Checking files...
21:27:37 > Checking files - done
21:27:37 > Overclock Checking...
21:27:37 > Your AZBox is not OverClocked.
21:27:37 > Checking rescue mode...
21:27:38 > Rescue mode - OK
21:27:47 > Free RAM Checking...
21:27:47 > Free RAM = 83768 KB
21:27:47 > Sending Kernel ...
21:27:49 > Sending Kernel - Done
21:27:49 > Copying kernel...
21:29:15 > Copying kernel - Done
21:29:16 > Storage Device Checking...
21:29:16 > Storage Device Checking - Done
21:29:16 > Creating Partitions...
21:29:16 > Size of DOM Checking...
21:29:17 > Size of DOM = 1002 MB
21:29:23 > Creating Partitions - Done
21:29:24 > Formatting Partitions...
21:29:37 > Formatting Partitions - Done
21:29:37 > Preparing...
21:29:37 > Free RAM Checking...
21:29:37 > Free RAM = 82448 KB
21:29:39 > Sending E2 Image ...
21:29:47 > Sending E2 Image - Done
21:29:48 > Image Size Checking...
21:29:50 > Image Size = 100 M
21:29:50 > Copying E2 files...
21:30:57 > Copying E2 files - Done
21:30:57 > Finalising Installation
21:30:58 > Removing tmp files...
21:31:00 > E2 installed successfully.
21:31:00 > Rebooting... after ~5sec
After I put in a channels list, plugins (Device Manager is necessary to set a USB stick!), a skin... and then deleted stuff I don't need (default skin, wireless stuff, cable stuff etc.), I ran Fabry's script - here is my little "how to":

Fabry's script for my 1GB DOM

a) Plug in a USB stick formatted in EXT3 at the back of your AZbox, while it is running, go to > Device Manager > red, if memory serves, to mount it as media/usb, so it will be dev/sda1 (if it is media/hdd just substitute usb for hdd in the text below).

b ) Then, go into Rescue Mode (switch the AZbug at the back, then ON again, press > button on the front panel and hold, 'till you see the IP address of the rec.).

c) Start Telnet SW (PuTTy) on your PC, log-in by typing "root" (without "" signs), then copy and paste one line at the time of the text you will see below...


- do not try to put in the next one unless and until you see the # sign come up in the next row, below the command you just issued;

- when 2 or 3 of these commands are given you will have to wait, 'till all the copying is done, so watch out for them and be patient;

- copy the script from this thread into Notepad++ and then copy each line from it into PuTTy;

- when you are in PuTTy, put the cursor where you need to paste a copied line, then right click and the message will be pasted, then hit the ENTER keyboard and watch... then, the next one...

Here is Fabry's great little script:

mkdir usb

mount -o noatime /dev/sda1 usb

mkdir dom

mount -o noatime /dev/hda1 dom

cd usb

mkdir backup

cd backup

mkdir dom

cd /home/root

cp -a dom/* usb/backup/dom/ #or for media/hdd: cp -a dom/* hdd/backup/dom/

#WAIT HERE > 'till you see # again!!! and only thren issue the next command...

umount dom

echo ",512,83" > hda.out

echo ",4,83" >> hda.out

echo ",128,82" >> hda.out

echo ",,5" >> hda.out

echo ",,83" >> hda.out

sfdisk -f -uM /dev/hda < hda.out


mkfs.ext3 /dev/hda1 -b 4096 -E stride=96

mkfs.ext3 /dev/hda2 -b 4096 -E stride=96

mkswap /dev/hda3

mkfs.ext3 /dev/hda5 -b 4096 -E stride=96


mount -o noatime /dev/hda1 dom

cp -a usb/backup/dom/* dom/ #If it is media/hdd: cp -a hdd/backup/dom/* dom/



umount usb

umount dom

reboot -f

Now, when the box reboots you will have to remove the USB stick via Device Manager (Umount) and edit the fstab file (FTP to OpenRSi 2.02 and go to /etc folder) by inserting the following line:

/dev/hda5     /media/cf     auto   defaults    0  0
Restart AZbox HD. Sometimes several times, until it is finally mounted.

So, now I have:

1/2 GB hda1 = E2 partition - meaning, lots of space to experiment with emus, skins, plugins and whatnot...

4 MB hda2 = who knows what this is for???

128 MB hda3 = SWAP partition - when big updates are available, this makes them possible...

over 300MB of hda4/5 = extended partition, i.e. /cf > where one directs EPG, picons, subtitles etc. (via HD Glass skin etc.).

Let's see if this helps the image, in terms of speed and stability, not only the extra space one has now...
...and then I got these results:

root@azboxhd:~# free
total used free shared buffers
Mem: 102600 100896 1704 0 2768
-/+ buffers: 98128 4472
Swap: 131540 0 131540

root@azboxhd:~# df -h
Filesystem Size Used Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/hda1 503.9M 149.9M 328.4M 31% /
tmpfs 64.0K 0 64.0K 0% /media
/dev/hda5 300.8M 16.2M 269.1M 6% /media/cf
tmpfs 50.1M 492.0K 49.6M 1% /var/volatile

Mem: 100504K used, 2096K free, 0K shrd, 2792K buff, 40440K cached
CPU: 12% usr 10% sys 6% nic 65% idle 0% io 0% irq 4% sirq
Load average: 1.67 1.89 1.72 1/72 692
517 1 root S 25532 25% 19% /usr/bin/CCcam221
534 521 root S 68496 67% 7% /usr/bin/enigma2

etc. etc.

Then, I continued setting it up, including EPG and picons path and so on and then I ran these commands again...

The image is pretty responsive at this point, as opposed to OpenATV and OpenSPA, so it is a good lead, so to speak...

At least to me...

================================================== =

Memory now:

total used free shared buffers
Mem: 102600 100908 1692 0 76
-/+ buffers: 100832 1768
Swap: 131540 38584 92956


df -h
Filesystem Size Used Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/hda1 503.9M 150.0M 328.4M 31% /
tmpfs 64.0K 0 64.0K 0% /media
/dev/hda5 300.8M 77.3M 208.0M 27% /media/cf
tmpfs 50.1M 600.0K 49.5M 1% /var/volatile


Mem: 100944K used, 1656K free, 0K shrd, 100K buff, 4724K cached
CPU: 20% usr 13% sys 0% nic 63% idle 0% io 0% irq 2% sirq
Load average: 1.54 1.57 1.77 1/73 569
480 1 root S 24664 24% 31% /usr/bin/CCcam221
498 485 root S 138m 138% 2% /usr/bin/enigma2"