Hi All, This is pretty much as the title says I have been using opena.tv 3.0 and 3.1 for over 9 months without any big problems but as soon as I went to 4.0 I had plugin problems, the largest 3.1 image is just over 52mbs compared to the largest 4.0 image being nearly 59mbs, I am hoping a Azbox premium plus user will confirm after they went to 4.0 they had the same plugin problem, if they could try to install mediaportal or even flashexpander just to confirm it is lack of DOM space I would be very grateful, I have a HHD that I could use as a flash expander but before I go there want to make sure it is the enlarged 4.0 image that is causing the problem and not something else such as a corrupted or badly formated DOM

Kind regards.