Is there a way to view the stream from an IP cam with h264 video?

I've a security cam in my lan (Tenvis Iprobot3). It's a HD cam with H264 video and it can stream snapshot.

Yesterday I've downloaded webcamviewer plugin and configured webcam.xml with this line:


Tryed also varius line as in this URL Connect to TENVIS IP cameras but sometimes I've an error reading the XML file or I've a black screen if no error found in the file.

I tried the webcamviewer to do some testing, but to me it's OK to any other system, provided it is easy to call when I need it.

The ideal would be to set up an IP channel and retrieve it directly from the channel list.

And if you could see the cam with the PIP would be even better.
In the site I mentioned, there are several lines for streaming with VLC, this serà try, but I do not know if with this plugin you can access the IPCam without many steps.

Thank you