Hallo Zusammen,

nachdem meine AZBox nach einem Update nicht mehr booten wollte, habe ich eine Wiederbelebung über die RS-232 Schnittstelle versucht. Leider endete dies mit folgendem Fehler:

xenv cs2 xosPe0 serial#d9085e0a9f84f8210d12a25e1d0e7079 subid 0x70
xenv cs2 ok
power supply: failed
dram0 ok (7)
dram1 ok (9)
zboot (0) ok
* SMP863x zboot start ...
* Version: 2.4.0-
* Started at 0x91000000.
* Configurations (chip revision: 6):
* Use 8KB DRAM as stack.
* Support XLoad format.
* Enabled BIST mode.
* Enabled memory test mode.
* Use internal memory for stage0/1.
Boot from flash (0x48000000) mapped to 0x8c000000.
Found XENV block at 0x8c000000.
CPU clock frequency: 300.37MHz.
System clock frequency: 200.25MHz.
DRAM0 dunit_cfg/delay0_ctrl (0xf34111ba/0x000b7888).
DRAM1 dunit_cfg/delay0_ctrl (0xf34111ba/0x000a7786).
Using UART port 0 as console.
Board ID.: "852-E2"
Chip Revision: 0x8634:0x86 .. Matched.
Setting up H/W from XENV block at 0x8c000000.
Setting <SYSCLK avclk_mux> to 0x00000000.
Setting <SYSCLK hostclk_mux> to 0x00000100.
Setting <IRQ rise edge trigger lo> to 0xff28ca00.
Setting <IRQ fall edge trigger lo> to 0x0000c000.
Setting <IRQ rise edge trigger hi> to 0x0000009f.
Setting <IRQ fall edge trigger hi> to 0x00000000.
Setting <IRQ GPIO map> to 0x20090820.
Setting <PB default timing> to 0x10101010.
Setting <PB timing0> to 0x10101010.
Setting <PB Use timing0> to 0x000003f4.
Setting <PB timing1> to 0x00110101.
Setting <PB Use timing1> to 0x000003f3.
Setting <PB timing2> to 0x105f1010.
Setting <PB Use timing2> to 0x000003f8.
PB cs config: 0x000e0040 (use 0x000e0040)
Enabled Devices: 0x00021ace
MAC: 00:02:14:18:72:2a
PCI IRQ routing:
IDSEL 2: INTA(#14) INTB(#14) INTC(#14) INTD(#14)
IDSEL 3: INTA(#15) INTB(#15) INTC(#15) INTD(#15)
Smartcard pin assignments:
OFF pin = 0
5V pin = 1
CMD pin = 2
Setting up Clean Divider 2 to 96000000Hz.
Setting up Clean Divider 4 to 33333333Hz.
Setting up Clean Divider 5 to 25000000Hz.
Setting up Clean Divider 6 to 20000000Hz.
Setting up Clean Divider 7 to 20000000Hz.
GPIO dir/data = 0x76000038/0x76000000
UART0 GPIO mode/dir/data = 0x6e/0x00/0x00
UART1 GPIO mode/dir/data = 0x6e/0x00/0x00
XENV block processing completed.
Found existing memcfg: DRAM0(0x08000000), DRAM1(0x08000000)
Heap/Temp/Temp1/Dest start at 0x14000000/0x16000000/0x15000000/0x12000000.
Default boot index: 0
Scanning ROMFS image at 0x8c040000 (0x48040000) .. Found.
ROMFS found at 0x8c040000, Volume name = YAMON_XRPC
Found 1 file(s) to be processed in ROMFS.
Processing xrpc_xload_yamon_ES4_prod.bin (start: 0x8c040090, size: 0x0002fe84)
Checking zboot file signature .. Not found.
Trying xrpc_xload format .. OK
Checking zboot file signature at 0x13000000 .. OK
Decompressing to 0x91200000 .. OK (453328/0x6ead0).
Load time total 173/255 msec.
Execute final at 0x91200000 ..

* YAMON ROM Monitor
* Revision 02.06-SIGMADESIGNS-01-
Memory: code: 0x11000000-0x11040000, 0x11200000-0x11204000
reserved data: 0x11240000-0x12440000, PCI memory: 0x12440000-0x12840000
Environment variable 'start' exists. After 1 seconds
it will be interpreted as a YAMON command and executed.
Press Ctrl-C (or do BREAK) to bypass this.

ROMFS found at 0xac080000, Volume name = MIPS_LINUX_XRPC
ac080040 : Name = ., Type = dir, Size = 00000000, Next = 00000040
ac080060 : Name = .., Type = hard link, Size = 00000000, Next = 00000060
ac080090 : Name = xrpc_xload_vmlinux_ES4_prod.bin, Type = file, Size = 0064bf44, Next = 00000000
Checking zboot signature.. it's not zboot file.
Error : Internal, code = ffffffff

Hat jemand eine Idee? Das original Image (auf USB) zu booten nach dem Einspielen des Kernel Backups klappt auch nicht