A couple of days ago the Atemio NEMESIS arrived on my doormat. To be honest: although I have found my hobby in the E2-STB world for years, I had never heard of 'Atemio'. And as the market seems to be flooded with Es-boxes recently, my first thought was 'hmmmm, will be just another one'. So my expectations weren't very high when I opened the box.

And then everything changed.
Apart from the giftbox being good and filled with a complete package, the Nemesis itself was a cute looking compact box. Of course the first thing I did was to open the hood, resulting in a positive surprise. A real complete box (OLED, 3 tuner slots, 2 CI-slots, 2 cardreaders, a build-in WiFi dongle, a complete range of connectors and even HDMI-in).
Wow, that looked hopeful!
I must say that there are also negative surprises under the hood. The HDD-bracket is the very worst one I've ever seen. And it doesn't even hold an 2.5" HDD. It must have been a real puzzle for the designers to be able to come up with such a bad design
And on top of that: the HDD is located exactly above the SoC, promising a very warm drive when in use. We'll see about that.
Well, actually we didn't see about that, as during operation it showed that no temperature could be read.
So in this area there certainly is work to be done for the manufacturer.

After closing the hood again, I directly flashed the factory image-to-be 'Atemio4you' (from http://image.atemio4you.com/index.ph...=atemionemesis). And now the next surprise came up: although the box and the skin are very young, the box operated very stable and the skin was good and almost complete. I have never before had any box as young as this one, with drivers being stable.

To short phrase: a real unexpected and positive experience. And for the retail prices I've seen on the continent it seems to be a good value-for-money box. This certainly is not 'just another E2-box'; this one has immediately been promoted to my main box. I only hope the manufacturer will not lean back and show a 'job-done' attitude, but continues to work on the driver development (and maybe even to the development of E2 in the Open Source community???).

And for myself: apart from monitoring the normal, day-to-day-use behaviour of the box, I have to look into transcoding (which I know to be fine on the VU+ DUO2 & Solo2, so I'm curious to see how Atemio has done the job) and the functionality of the HDMI-in connection.

PS: On most of my other boxes I continue to run ATV, but on this one I'm curious how the new factory image behaves. Very good so far!