I have an Amiko Alien 2+ motorised setup running the latest Enigma2 v5.1 nightly build which is great feature wise. Far nicer than Spark in my opinion. But it constantly struggles to playback recordings made. Films usually judder and stutter, and are not watchable therefore. This seems to be worse with Openatv 5.0 and 5.1 than i remember with 4.1.and 4.2 . I have always updated to the latest OS nightly build every 2 weeks approximately.

Recordings seem to recording ok, because I can boot into Spark and then they play back perfectly. It is a bit of a pain having to do this to watch something though.
I have a fast USB3 HD with plenty of spare room on it, and this is generally faster than using a USB stick.

I have read that the processor in the Alien 2+ is slow and wonder if this is the problem? It always struggles recording two things at the same time, or recording and using TimeShift at the same time which can easily cause
it to freeze or cause a blue screen crash requiring a power-off reboot

Is this a limitation of the hardware or is there a workaround? It seems to be a fairly common problem from what I have Googled