Please be patient to me on this one...
I ask here because I'm using this image, but of course it's not OpenATV specific.

I read about this issue/idea related to 3D TVs .
LG advertises the "dual play" feature (search gives lot of info); it means that some game console can show 2 full screen images (for different players) by mixing into a pseudo 3D format and using glasses with left/left and right/right combination.
It's nothing special, any 3D TV can do this. It just means that the video source mixes 2 completely different frames and the people can split back the frames by using 2x left / 2x right glasses (easier to do on passive devices if the ).

Now the question is, why wouldn't it be possible for a receiver to mix 2 different channels into such a pseudo 3d stream?
Some TVs could implement themselves such mixing from different inputs (some TVs have tuners, seldom duals...), but it sounds so much easier to implement it into a receiver...
The receiver already accesses (and combines) 2 streams for picture-in-picture.
Mixing channels would just combine them top/bottom (or left/right) and mark them as 3d for the TV.

That's like having 2x (2D) TVs in one... only glasses would be needed.
I dream about solving those "family conflicts" about which channel to watch...
Audio might need some special option; the streams could either go (mono) to left/right, or to different outputs (1 channel to hdmi, 1 to analog for a headset).

I would like to read other opinions about this,