I'm using openatv3.0

i get a problem, if i want to use samba with user and passwords ...
if i start /usr/sbin/smbd -i
i get error:

root@et9x00:~# smbd -i
smbd version 3.0.37 started.
Copyright Andrew Tridgell and the Samba Team 1992-2009
Failed to set gid privileges to (-1,65534) now set to (0,0) uid=(0,0)
PANIC (pid 1842): failed to set gid

my smb.conf is: (only some important parts)

security = user
encrypt passwords = yes
unix password sync = no
guest account = root

tried to create with nogroup, nosmb user, nothing also with UID 65534 - nothing helped me to fix it ...

i searched for the error, and only found some related to this:

it means:
if should be compiled with that: USE_SETREUID as 1

please can anyone try to recompile that for me ?

or doesn anyone having a solution for it ?

thx cu camel